Our Story

Leading the Way

We challenge the conventional thought of how waste is defined, and offer unique solutions on how to keep our landfills free of organic material. Quantum provides input, and supports local regulatory initiatives that nurture the organics management landscape to help meet the growing needs of our communities. As educators, we help inform interested bodies on technology, innovation, current trends, and topics about sustainability. As our need for renewable energy resources grows, Quantum is developing renewable energy sites focused on electricity and natural gas production.

Quantum Biopower

Integrator of advanced waste & recycling to energy systems. Owners of the Southington, CT digestion facility.


The U.S. produced 60 million tons of food waste last year, and only a fraction of it was recycled. Quantum’s facility can accept organic waste in the form of pre-consumed food material.

Beneficial Reuse

Our facilities accelerate the composting process, harnessing nutrients that can be turned into fertilizers, soils, and compost, that are safe and proven effective for growing and managing soil nutrients.


Flexible design with maximum biogas production tailored to meet your needs. Automated software remotely monitors facility health and operation keeping performance optimal and streamlined.


Our Anaerobic Digestion facilities use a natural process that turn organic material into renewable energy. 

Sustainability Mission

The mission of Quantum Biopower is simple; to develop sustainable ways to beneficially reuse the waste material we create for the benefit of people.

Our primary goal is to build the model of what good looks like relative to organics management, renewable energy creation, and compost development and offer that solution, where it makes sense, to surrounding communities and partners.