Quantum's latest Southington energy-saver

Hartford Business Journal || August 3, 2018

Quantum-Biopower-Commercial-Solar-Works-Solar-Array-Photo_FINAL.jpgQuantum Biopower's new solar array in Southington, located alongside its anaerobic digester facility.

Southington's Quantum Biopower, which last year launched Connecticut's first-ever anaerobic digestion facility in town, has installed a rooftop solar array it says will reduce its headquarters' electricity demand and save money.

Hartford's Commercial Solar Works installed the 6,250-square-foot, array atop Quantum's building at 49 Depaolo Drive.

Quantum says the system has a capacity of 72 kilowatts and is expected to produce 101,020 kilowatt hours of electricity a year -- enough to power about 200 homes.

The state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority certified the system as a Class I renewable energy source on July 20, allowing it generate valuable energy credits, under the state's Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) program.

Quantum's anaerobic digestion diverts 40,000 tons of food waste per year for Connecticut's waste stream, decomposing it into a biogas that is combusted to produce electricity. Quantum also generates organic compost from the process.