Quantum Biopower to sponsor NYC Food Waste Fair

Waste Today || July 19, 2017

Quantum-Facility Overhead-NYC-750x422.jpg

The New York City Food Waste Fair will take place July 25 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Quantum Biopower, a food waste-to-energy company in Southington, Connecticut, will sponsor the New York City Food Waste Fair, an exhibition of food waste solutions taking place July 25.

The NYC Food Waste Fair was created to gather sustainability experts and the food industry to learn how to reduce costs and get the most out of our food while helping NYC’s environment. The fair is presented by the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest and will be held at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Quantum Biopower creates energy through anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion breaks down organic material, largely food waste, into biogas that can be used as a fuel to generate electricity or further processed into renewable natural gas and transportation fuel. Leftover materials from the process are harvested to make organic soil amendments and compost blends.

The facility was built to divert 40,000 tons of food waste from the overall waste stream creating 1.2 megawatts of clean renewable electricity and 10,000 tons per year of premium organic compost. Quantum’s recycling facility is designed to help the state of Connecticut’s broader plan to divert 60 percent of food waste from the waste stream by the year 2024.

The Quantum team will help New York’s businesses explore ways to manage their food waste with a holistic approach designed to achieve tangible, cost-effective results.