Players: Clean Energy Is Transforming Our World

Hartford Magazine || March 27, 2019

This April we celebrate Earth Day by highlighting clean energy. These Greater Hartford Players are creating a greener future by transforming the way we power our world.

Brian Paganini, Vice President & Managing Director, Quantum Biopower

Quantum Biopower processes 40,000 tons of food waste a year. “Food waste is the largest portion of the waste stream,” says Brian Paganini. The biogas it produces is used to generate power. “Southington buys power at a 20 percent reduced rate.” It can also be purified. “Our long-term goal is to produce pipeline-grade fuel.” Nothing is wasted. “Residual materials are used for soil products.” Paganini has been advising the Lamont administration on waste and renewable energy. “By 2024, Connecticut wants to achieve a 60 percent waste diversion rate by reducing, reusing and recycling.”


Brian Paganini is the vice president and managing director of Quantum Biopower. (Patrick Raycraft/Hartford Magazine)

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