Organic Waste to Biogas Projects Secure Awards from Energy Vision

Waste Management World || October 20, 2017


To coincide with National Bioenergy Energy Day, New York based not-for-profit firm, Energy Vision has made awards to three innovative companies advancing renewable natural gas (RNG) from organic waste: AmerescoQuantum Biopower, and CCI Bioenergy.

In Southington, Connecticut, Quantum Biopower built the New York area's first food waste-to-energy facility (pictured above).

Quantum's facility processes 40,000 of the 500,000 tonnes of food waste Connecticut generates annually, converting it via anaerobic digestion to 420,000 cubic feet (11,900 cubic metres) of biogas, avoiding 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

According to Energy Vision, RNG production capacity is also ramping up elsewhere in the New York tri-State area, including at Brooklyn's Newtown Creek and Long Island's American Organic Energy.

The organisation said that regionally produced RNG could be used to fuel NYC municipal vehicles, improving New York's air quality while helping meet its GHG reduction goals.

In Ontario, CCI BioEnergy is piloting compact bioQUBE microdigesters which convert organic wastes into RNG and bio-fertilizer.

Fitting inside a shipping container, they allow on-site processing of organic waste where it is produced, extending the availability of anaerobic digestion to individual sources, including Ontario's Algoma Orchards, the largest Canadian apple grower and processor east of British Columbia.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Ameresco worked with Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Glendale to develop/design/build/own/operate a wastewater treatment biogas facility to serve the region:  Phoenix's 91st Ave Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
It will be the largest wastewater treatment biogas-to-RNG facility in the U.S., with enough RNG capacity to displace more than four million gallons of diesel annually.
"Capturing and using biogas from organic waste is essential for addressing climate change," commented Joanna Underwood, founder and chair of Energy Vision.
"Since we began focusing attention on this, more than 40 plants have been built or converted to produce RNG, and more than 20,000 heavy-duty trucks are using it," she concluded.

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