2G Energy Inc. Installs 1.2 MW Combined Heat & Power Unit in Connecticut: Southington Municipal Buildings Will Be Powered Through Food Waste

2G Energy || December 19, 2017


2G Energy Inc. manufactured, installed and commissioned a 1.2 MW combined heat and power (CHP) unit for Quantum Biopower located in Southington, Connecticut. The 2G Energy Inc. avus 1200 CHP is now up and running, using biogas produced by food waste from the surrounding area.

The facility is processing 40,000 tons of food waste per year through anaerobic digestion, which is creating 1.2 MW of renewable power. That power is being used to power Southington’s municipal buildings. The 1.2 MW system would be capable of powering 976 homes. Every year, Quantum will displace the equivalent of 5,000 tons/year of CO2 emissions by recycling food waste into methane to create energy. The facility also produces 8,000 tons/year of premium organic compost as a residual byproduct of the digestion process.

Quantum Biopower is producing a steady flow of high volume biogas, which is now being used as fuel for an electrical generation unit to produce clean, renewable electricity.

The 1.2 MW 2G avus CHP was manufactured, packaged, integrated and commissioned by the 2G Energy Inc. team. To add an innovative project like this one to 2G’s growing repertoire has been exciting for the company. As more businesses and municipalities seek to find new ways to save money and to use renewable energy sources, CHP is continuing to expand in the US. 2G is playing an integral part in that growth, using decades of experience in CHP internationally.